Gateway to a
White Hydrogen-Powered

Driving renewable geological ‘white’ hydrogen production
as the energy transition’s game-changer


Hethos, the hydrogen operating arm of Beam Earth, is solving the challenges associated with extracting naturally-occurring ‘white’ hydrogen; the cleanest, most cost-effective, lowest-carbon emitting form of hydrogen available today.

Our mission is to be a global ‘white’ hydrogen player and integrated E&P by focusing our operation and production expertise, as well as harnessing the collective power of innovation by structuring acquisition opportunities and partnerships, to ensure that naturally occurring geological hydrogen is the energy transition’s game-changer.

From the adaptation of oil and gas E&P technologies for the extraction of naturally occurring hydrogen, through to the creation of new technologies for issues dedicated to renewable white hydrogen production, Hethos is involved in all key elements of geological hydrogen production.

Our projects are funded primarily by UK pension funds through two dedicated investment vehicles: Technology Enhanced Transition (TET) and Technology Enhanced Hydrogen (TEH)