Houston, July 2022. Beam Earth Limited is delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Hart as Board Member.

Michael, who joined the Beam Group in October 2018, is also a Board Member of Technology Enhanced Hydrogen (TEH) and chair of the advisory committee. He has 20 years’ experience in alternative asset investing, marketing and business leadership. He has held senior global roles at Amundi Alternative Investment Management and Aberdeen Asset Management.

Michael ́s in-depth understanding of the institutional investor sector, alongside his communication experience at both global management board and senior board level, have led to strong relationships with a large range of investors and pension funds across global institutional markets and the consulting community.

Having proven to be strong support for the fundraising initiatives of the entire Beam Group, Michael also provides the necessary expertise across sales, marketing, product strategy and development.

Beam Earth, a global business with operations in West Texas, Houston and London has been launched as a clean technology-centric ecosystem that will develop, structure, and provide funding for environmentally-aligned businesses and services across the investment themes of clean energy, sustainability, and financial innovation.

Through its main business lines, Beam Earth is working towards reshaping the oil and gas industry with a particular focus on becoming a trail-blazer in the H2 production ecosystem, driven by a commitment to the improvement of eco responsibility, best practices and the reduction of carbon footprints.

Stéphane Lamoine, Chief Executive Officer at Beam Earth in Houston: “Michael’s previous extensive range of skills and experience, as well as his knowledge of the Beam Group and our vision to become a trail-blazer in the hydrogen production ecosystem, means that Michael ́s new contributions as a Board Member will undoubtedly be key in progressing towards Beam ́s long- term goals”.

Michael Hart, Board Member at Beam Earth in London: “I am delighted to be able to contribute more than 20 year’s experience to support Beam Earth’s vision at this time critical juncture of the energy transition”.

Beam Earth

Previously operating as Iskandia Energy, Beam Earth was founded in 2015 by Stéphane Lamoine, Pierre Levin and Marc Samuel to launch Technology Enhanced Oil (TEO) that raised U.S.$120 million in capital. TEO’s disruptive technology is designed to promoting high ESG standards in the oil and gas fields and was rated in 2020 by MJ Hudson as clean oil, in a category comparable to renewables.

Today, TEO’s scalable process is not only being extended to other oil wells but through Beam Earth’s new hydrogen operating arm Hethos, the team is expanding the process to tap into white/natural hydrogen fields and enabling institutional investors to access the hydrogen revolution through TEO’s successor, Technology Enhanced Hydrogen (TEH).