Houston, July 2022.

Technology Enhanced Hydrogen (TEH) is delighted to announce the appointment of Philippe Renaud to the Board as an independent non-executive director.

Philippe is the senior manager of the R&D Energies with CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics and a pioneer in the field of energy transition.

In charge of overseeing the technical decarbonization strategy for CMA CGM, Philippe is a marine fuel expert affiliated to AFNOR and AFGAZ, representing France in ISO Technical Committees.

He is leading development of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuel in the CMA CGM long-haul transportation.

Philippe Renaud joins TEH Board Philippe´s first-hand knowledge of ammonia shipping applications is strongly synergetic to TEH’s mission of investing in the H2 ecosystem.

Having spent most of his sailor career in oil and gas transportation, Philippe’s expertise and contribution will be invaluable not only to TEH but to the whole Beam Earth Group.

Beam Earth is working towards reshaping the oil and gas industry by capitalizing on its pioneering clean oil track record to become a trail-blazer in the H₂ production ecosystem.

Stéphane Lamoine, Chief Executive Officer at Beam Earth in Houston: “Phillippe’s expertise as a marine fuel expert and his focus on developing of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuel is aligned with our vision to become a trail-blazer in the hydrogen production ecosystem”.

Phillippe Renaud, Board Member at TEH: “I am delighted to join the board of TEH as an independent non-executive director. It is essential to find sustainable and scalable ways to harness hydrogen if we are going to transition out of fossil fuels in any meaningful way”.

Beam Earth
Beam Earth was founded in 2015 by Stéphane Lamoine, Pierre Levin and Marc Samuel to launch Technology Enhanced Oil (TEO) that raised U.S.$120 million in capital. TEO’s disruptive technology is designed to promoting high ESG standards in the oil and gas fields and was rated in 2020 by MJ Hudson as clean oil, in a category comparable to renewables

Today, TEO’s scalable process is not only being extended to other oil wells but through Beam Earth’s new hydrogen operating arm Hethos, the team is expanding the process to tap into white/natural hydrogen fields. This will allow institutional investors to access both clean oil and hydrogen through TEO’s successor, Technology Enhanced Transition (TET). Technology Enhanced Hydrogen (TEH) is specifically for those investors that only want to access hydrogen.