SLU Newsletter

As 2021 comes to an end, a turning-point year in the struggle for climate change, the importance of taking immediate and efficient steps to reduce GHG emissions is highlighted. SLU Enterprise is focusing on addressing this issue through the creation of “Non-Venting” Super Location Entities (SLE´s), as venting during all stages of Oil & Gas production is the main cause of Methane emissions in the industry. This goal is manageable as well as impactful, benefits both E&P´s as well as institutional investors, and is an important contribution to the Energy Transition.

As interest in the SLU Marketplace interest expands and development continues, exciting partnerships are formed

  • Live Webinar with key SLU Marketplace partners Ryder Scott, Baker Botts and Grant Thornton
  • Agreement with Solvenz Group to form a joint platform called Afloat Finance, to fund drilling and completion costs.
  • Mars & Co continues to develop road map for the implementation of the IT infrastructure and the technology ecosystem around the SLU Marketplace
  • Research project with Bauer Graduate Program