White Hydrogen
& The Energy


white hydrogen molecule

Hydrogen is critical component to enable a decarbonized energy system but not all hydrogen is produced cleanly. Naturally occurring ‘white’ hydrogen has the game-changing potential to ensure a just transition by enabling food security and energy independence in developing countries



Its can be converted cleanly to energy, without generating any CO2 emissions when burnt



It has a very high energy to mass ratio and low losses during storage and transportation that make it an ideal fit for many sectors that have no obvious, low-cost, convenient alternatives to fossil fuels

Large growth expectations

The rise of the clean hydrogen economy could see global demand for hydrogen increasing seven-fold to >500 Mt H2 pa under a global net zero by 2050 scenario



Its versatility in consumption and flexibility along supply chains make it a game-changer

Central role in decarbonization strategies

Policy support for clean H2 is strengthening globally with more than 30 national H2



Natural Hydrogen Energy