Iskandia Energy Operating (IEO) is
the Texas registered operating
company that buys mature Oil &
Gas assets and improves production
using clean technology



Founded and driven by the principles of positive environmental impact, sustainability, transparency, and diversity, IEO’s team has a strong track record of understanding where and how to implement environmentally-friendly Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies on mature oil fields to increase production and deliver value to investors. IEO fully manages its processes and activities directly to ensure increased efficiencies and the highest environmental controls

According to MJ Hudson’s assessment regarding investors’ view on classification of energy investments, IEO is placed in the same category as renewable energy:

  • IEO prevents an imbalance in the ecosystem, by not using freshwater and instead, recycling salt water into the formation
  • IEO does not flare or vent any of its gas production, which is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions
  • IEO extends the life of existing vertical wells and opens shut in wells, avoiding as far as possible new drilling – resulting in a very low carbon footprint compared to industry standards

Explore Our Oil & Gas
Clean Tech

  • Precision Logging
  • Eco-friendly Stimulation
  • Combining Clean Technologies
  • Maintenance Clean Tech
  • Smart Field
  • Nano Particle Treatments
  • Non-chemical Well Stimulation

IEO is currently operating in the Permian and East Texas basins and, backed by institutional investors, pursues acquisitions with a focus on rate of return, cash flow, and with the flexibility and expertise to transact quickly and consider innovative deal structures that address sellers’ needs.

Through strong relationships with major oil companies and analytical based outreach, IEO owns a robust acquisition pipeline and has a strong balance sheet with cash availability and no debt or leverage.

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technologies in our production

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Owner/Vendor Relations

  • If you have questions about your royalty interest or change in ownership, contact:  land[@]
  • If you have questions about revenue distributions or receiving a 1099 form, contact revenue[@]

At Iskandia we look to understand the needs of each particular.
When making an inquiry, providing all necessary information is very helpful in this

  • Full owner name and address
  • Owner Number, if applicable
  • The names of the wells were there where you hold interest
  • Fill out the W9, a request for taxpayer identification number and certification. Please note this document must have your signature to be valid. Click here to download
  • Fill out the ACH authorization form with your banking
    information. Click here to download

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