Technology Enhanced Operations
(TEO) is an operator and investor
in energy transition projects



From inception, TEO’s use of advanced technology and sustainability best practices made it an exceptionally clean producer of oil and gas compared to its peers. Despite a policy for no flaring and no venting at all, as well as a 91% reduction of its scope 1 over five years TEO’s environmental impact and contribution to the energy transition was limited as an operator of mature conventional wells.

Added to which, the significant risk of a tax on oil and gas reserves, rather than on production, had the potential of destroying the economics of conventional vertical wells. For this reason, TEO bought IEO in 2020 and its evolution from Oil & Gas asset owner — a capex intensive activity with limited ESG impact — to energy transition asset operator and service provider that is less capex intensive business with the potential for greater environmental impact, began.

Capitalizing on a five-year track record of field proven clean technology and ESG experience, TEO and Beam Earth created a direct investment vehicle, Technology Enhanced Hydrogen (TEH), which will allow institutional investors to access renewable and transitional energies, including naturally occurring white hydrogen and helium, in the form of real assets.

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